Tarquinia, Viterbo 


Tuscania, Viterbo


We are in the heart of the southern Etruscan Maremma, a wild magical place between Tuscany and Rome, few miles from the Tyrrhenian coast, in an area that was one of the main places of origin and development of the Etruscan civilization. 

Our land is part of an ancient cultural landscape, with wilderness views, alternating in rural settings.

Tuscany, Colli della Regina LAND AND HISTORY
Colli della Regina LAND AND HISTORY


The scenarios that we see, still speak to us of that ancient beauty left by the Etruscans. Farmers and shepherds on it have grown grain, forage grasses, olives, vines pastures, and bred cattle and sheep, all in accordance with the natural rhythms, we intend to keep.
As evidenced by numerous archaeological finds (tomb frescoes, artefacts ...) and the traces left by the Romans, Etruscans began, since the seventh century B.C., to cultivate the olive trees to extract table olives, cooking oil and ointments.


Olive groves we cultivate extend mainly on the hills of Tarquinia, Tuscania and Monte Romano, which together are the heart of an 'area of ​​great historical and scenic charm, a symbol of which stood the most imposing religious temple of Etruria, the so-called Ara della Regina, a place of discovery of the famous "Winged Horses", where the Etruscans worshiped "Artumes" Artemis of the Greeks. Hence the decision to place as a distinctive image, the face of the Etruscan god, represented in a very personal way by painter Tarquinian Guido Sileoni.

Colli della Regina LAND AND HISTORY